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How can a Stainless Steel Tank improve your production line?

Stainless steel beer tanks - Barry Brown & Sons
Stainless Steel Tank - Barry Brown & Sons

Stainless steel tanks are the popular standard for storage and processing across many different industries – no doubt you’ve seen them while driving past a dairy farm, or on a tour through a brewery. 

But have you ever considered why they’re so popular? What is it about stainless steel that makes them the go-to choice for business owners around the world, and is installing one the next valuable step you can take to expand your own operation?

Stainless Steel Tank - Barry Brown & Sons

Why do businesses choose stainless steel tanks?

It isn’t uncommon to find stainless steel tanks at every stage in an industry production line, such as pharmaceutical, chemical manufacturing or dairy processing. This is due to the versatility these tanks possess, and the multiple opportunities they can offer a business. 

If you require a tank that will:

  • Withstand extreme temperatures (high or low)
  • Withstand weathering / outdoor exposure
  • Avoid corrosion
  • Provide hygienic storage or processing
  • Be easy to clean
  • Look appealing to prospective customers or business partners

… then a stainless steel tank is the undisputed champion you’re looking for.

Jacketed Horizontal Stainless Steel Tank - Barry Brown & Sons

What areas of your business can benefit from a stainless steel tank?

How do you know if it’s time for you to take the next step in your business and invest in a stainless steel tank? 

It’s a smart idea to examine your entire production line and consider any bottlenecks you’ve encountered as your operation has grown. Ask yourself: would a stainless steel tank be able to remove or improve these hiccups in the business? 

The areas most suited to see an improvement would be;


The most common way a stainless steel tank can assist you is by helping to scale up your operation, at any point in the production. By expanding your storage capabilities, you’ll limit any downtime your production line will face – while you wait for stock to be delivered, for example. This will allow you to produce more at a steadier rate, increasing your overall productivity.

Manufacturing Volume

If your product requires specific care of handling during its production – like the hygienic requirements of the beer and dairy industries or precise temperature control in pharmaceutical manufacturing –  then a well-fabricated stainless steel tank is versatile enough to meet most, if not all, of your requirements. 

This will enable you to continue to provide the care and attention your product requires to maintain both its safety and quality while expanding your production capabilities and allowing your business to grow.

Custom Business Solutions

It’s possible your business has a completely unique use for a stainless steel tank that would greatly reduce any obstacles standing in the way of your continued growth. If you discover something that could use a custom solution, our tank fabrication experts will work closely with you to design the perfect tank to fit your exact needs.

Jacketed 12000lt Stainless Steel Tank - Barry Brown & Sons

Should you invest in a stainless steel tank?

As the person closest to your business, you are best-equipped to examine it for any opportunities to expand its capabilities and your production potential – and a high-quality stainless steel tank may just be that next opportunity. 

Combined with their longevity and relative low-cost, a stainless steel tank is a safe and smart investment that should last you for years 
If you’ve been considering installing a stainless steel tank to help your business move to the next level, or just have questions about which tank is the right solution for you, then don’t hesitate to get in touch with our friendly team at Barry Brown & Sons. You can reach us at +613 5941 6111, or use our online contact form.