Our Range of Farm Milk Tanks

We supply and install high-quality, energy-efficient farm milk tanks from 500lt to 50,000lt. Enquire now for more information, or you can view the current stock we have on hand.

Farm Milk Tanks - Barry Brown & Sons

We Supply And Install The Highest Quality Stainless Steel Milk Storage Tanks.

Barry Brown & Sons Tanks are…

  • Energy-efficient for dramatic cost saving
  • Known for faster cooling through a chilled water jacket
  • Compliant with dairy company cooling performance tests
  • Constructed for long life
  • Low maintenance
  • 100% stainless steel construction
  • Supplied with service backup second to none

Download our brochure below about farm-related products:

New Vertical And Horizontal Tanks In Sizes And Capacities To Suit Your Dairy.

Standard Specifications:

  • All tanks are hygienic and are manufactured from type 304-2B Stainless Steel
  • Includes standard manway
  • Bottom Fill to reduce foaming through nonreturn valve
  • 75mm diameter outlet, complete with 75mm butterfly valve – reducing to 50mm
  • Heavy-duty agitator motor – .37kW 36 rpm. Single or Three Phase.
  • Fixed stainless steel ladder with non-slip tread.
  • Each Farm Milk Storage Tank meets stringent Government Weights and Measures Standards
  • Tanks are completely insulated with high-density Polyurethane.
  • All tanks can have an alcove fitted for outside installations *Complies with Australian standard 1187 – 1996. Approval Number 8/89 & 8/90.


Our Milk Chilling Systems Explained

A mix of food-grade propylene glycol and chilled water is pumped through a second (or dual bank) plate heat exchanger to cool the milk to approx. 7ºC and through the tank jacket to cool the milk to 4ºC.

The food-grade glycol is added to the water to lower the freeze point (just like anti-freeze or coolant in your car) so the cooling system can operate at approx. -2ºC for rapid cooling.

The Facts

Chilled Water Milk Cooling – Moving Farm Milk Cooling To The 21st Century And Beyond.

The only cooling system that dairy processors, wineries, fruit juice, and other food processing companies use are chilled water systems. The modern packaged water chiller has allowed us to easily adapt it to cooling milk on farms. After all the chiller does not know what product it is cooling.


Which refrigerant has the following characteristics?
Lowest cost, readily available, completely nontoxic, no effect on the environment, will never be phased out, runs at very low pressure. (Max 25. P.S.I) The highest heat carrying capacity of any known substance, small leaks do not affect the operation of the system, no regulations covering its use. The answer… Water!

Chilled water has been used as a refrigerant for over 100 years and chilled water vats have the simplest refrigeration system yet devised.


The heat transfer efficiency of chilled water vats is higher than direct expansion type vats:

Water in jacket – milk in vat, ‘U’ Factor 100-130
Direct expansion R22 in jacket – milk in vat ‘U’ Factor 60-100.

The ‘U’ factor or heat transfer co-efficient basically measures efficiency, the higher the factor the more efficient the jacket in transferring the heat. It is because of this efficiency and simplicity that ninety-nine percent of food processing plants use chilled water systems for product cooling and have been using this system for nearly 100 years. The direct expansion milk vat was first designed in the 1950s and was quite successful when vats were small and R12 refrigerant was available. With R12 no longer available and R22 soon to be phased out, plus vats now being larger and with pre-chilling of milk becoming a pre-requisite, combined with today’s high cost of refrigerant gas, chilled water vats and systems are the only logical choice.

Food Grade Glycol

Propylene Glycol USP – A Versatile Ingredient In Consumer Products
Propylene Glycol USP: Is an ingredient used to improve the texture and stability of many cosmetics, pharmaceuticals and health and beauty products including:

  • Foundations
  • Gentle beauty washes
  • Facial Creams and alpha hydroxyl lotions
  • Mascara
  • Dental whiteners
  • Shampoos

The U.S food and drug Administration also cleared the use of PG USP for specified uses in specified quantities for certain food applications.

One ingredient, many benefits – PG USP has several functions in the products in which it’s used.

Propylene Glycol Serves As a:

  • Stabilizer
  • Emulsifier
  • Texturizer
  • Antioxidant
  • Anti-Caking agent
  • Humectant (moisture absorber)

Ingredient Quality:
Lyondell Chemical Company manufactures PG USP using monitored processes and following applicable FDA good manufacturing practices and ISO 9000 standards.

Is Propylene Glycol Safe?
The US Food And Drug Administration has given propylene glycol the same classification given to common products such as vinegar and table salt: Generally recognized as safe.

The cosmetic Ingredient Review Panel also concluded that Pg s safe for use up to 50% in cosmetics. The Panel is a scientific committee that uses the expertise of dermatologists, toxicologist, oncologists and other health scientists in assessing the safety of cosmetic ingredients

Air Cooled Water Chillers - Barry Brown & Sons

Do You Need 3 Phase Power To Install A Chiller?

While having 3 phase power is beneficial in most cases and necessary in some, today’s inverter technology allows us to utilise single (or two) phase power to run some of the most common size chillers used for dairy farm applications. This photo shows a 40kw chiller fitted with a weatherproof inverter prior to being installed on a customer’s farm.

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