Heat Recovery Systems

Our heat recovery system exploits the otherwise wasted heat generated by a refrigeration unit’s compressor to heat water within the heat recovery vessel.

Heat Recovery Systems
Heat Recovery Systems

Heat Recovery Systems

The water will typically reach 55ºC to 65ºC with the heat provided by the refrigerant gas and can be further boosted by the electric element inside the heat recovery device.

The hot water produced by the heat recovery unit can be used for cleaning milk vats and milking equipment or to supply pre-heated water to existing hot water services already cleaning this equipment

  • Significantly reduces cost of water heating
  • Suitable for mains pressure
  • Increases efficiency of refrigeration systems
  • Constant hot water provision
  • Maintenance – free – No Moving Parts
  • Corrosion protection and highly efficient insulation
  • Simple electric heating element and thermometer replacement
  • Construction and Main Parts of the Heat Recovery Unit
  • AISI 304 stainless steel outer shell
  • AISI 316 stainless steel inner vessel
  • High density environment friendly polyurethane foam insulation
  • Two independent circuits for connecting separate refrigeration units
  • 6500W electric heating element to boost the water temperature if required
  • Thermostat to regulate the desired water temperature
  • Thermometer mounted on the outer shell for accurate monitoring of water temperature
  • An 8 – 10bar safety valve is installed on the water inlet to protect the system

Tank Heat Recovery Illustration

Operation Principle

The heat recovery tank is connected to the refrigeration system between the compressor and the condenser. The (hot) discharge refrigerant gas passes through the heat recovery tank jacket which heats the water inside the tank. The refrigerant gas coming out of the tank is cooler due to the heat exchanged with the water inside prior to entering the condenser. This has a positive effect on the condensers’ performance and on the efficiency of the whole refrigeration system.

Vertical stainless steel tank - Barry Brown & Sons

Heat Recovery Systems

Cooling Control Panels

In many cases your chiller is used to regulate and maintain the temperature of a number of different items. The electrical department at Barry Brown and Sons are able to customise a control panel to suit your requirements. Click through to find out more.

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